No Home – Nothing Gold Can Stay Lyrics


There’s a skeleton
Connected at your rib cage
That’s been given the name of “dead weight”
Collecting pieces of what you used to be
They keep screaming
“your life’s worth taking”

I know the way that it haunts every room
With such a violent grace
I know that feeling all too well
Cause I’ve been feeling it to

I’ve seen the hell inside your head
And that hurricane for heart

It’s like a cancer
of this depressive state that I am in
Collecting dust
Collecting bones

It’s so easy to blur the lines between cowardice and courage
Like I’m supposed to feel empowered and brave for being afraid to take my final breath of life
Or maybe it’s that I choose to not let some intangible thing take away what time I think I have left
Whatever the reason it may be, call it courage, call it cowardice, we’re all fighting a different version of the same demon
And While this life might be difficult, we’re all in this together.

Hope exists if you let it.
You are not alone

I’ve seen the hell inside your head
And that hurricane for a heart

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